Our primary concern is safety and consideration of our guests and neighbors.
Please abide by the following rules of behavior while visiting our theatre:

  • No glass containers.
  • All vehicle lights must remain off during the movie. If you can not use your vehicle's radio without the lights coming on, please bring a portable radio or rent one from concessions.
  • Large vehicles (vans, trucks, and SUVs) please do not park in front of previously parked cars.  This will block their view.
  • No reserving spaces. 2 Vehicles per space.  Parking is a first come, first serve and management reserves the right to have final say in all parking issues.
  • No vulgar, profanity, or loud voices. Any profanity directed at our staff will result in expulsion from the drive-in without a refund.
  • Watch you children.  Parents, always keep your children in your view so their actions do not disturb other patrons or endanger themselves. Unattended children are not permitted to loiter in the concession building.
  • Dispose of your trash.  Please dispose of your trash in the containers around the concession stand.  Shoes are strongly recommended while walking the grounds.  Please do not litter the neighborhood streets.
  • Vandalism is not tolerated.  Willful acts of disruption or vandalism will result in expulsion from our grounds without a refund.  We may call the police at our discretion.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all time.  We do allow pets but expect that you will keep them under control with a leash so that they do not disturb other patrons.  We also expect that you will "clean up" after them.  Pets are not allowed in the concession stand.  You are responsible and liable for your pets actions.
  • There is no same night re-entry.  Once you leave you will not be re-admitted with or without a ticket stub.  You must pay to re-enter.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Retain your tickets. 
  • If anyone or anything interferes with your families enjoyment, please report it to the snack bar or ticket booth.
  • Users of laser pointers will be ejected.
  • No open flames on the premises due to insurance regulations.  No grilling or food preparation of any kind.
  • No fireworks on the premises.
  • No outside food delivery.  Nobody is permitted to leave the theater to meet a delivery driver.  Your order will be sent back.
  • No video or sound recording of any kind.
  • Trespassers hiding in vehicles will be asked to leave along with all others in the same vehicle without a refund.
  • No cash refunds and no rainchecks.